In a village situated near Baraut a site of Lakshagrah is present which has a significant relation with a popular mythological epic Mahabharat. It is believed that under the orders of Duryodhana and his evil uncle and mentor Shakuni in a plot to kill the Pandavas along with their mother Kunti, a house made of lac (Lakshagraha) was constructed. The house was meant to be a death trap, since lacquer is highly flammable. The plot itself was such that nobody would suspect foul play and the eventual death of the Pandavas would pass off as an accident. In the Mahabharata this incident is considered a major turning point, since the Pandavas were considered dead by their cousins, the Kauravas, which gave them ample opportunity to prepare themselves for an upcoming and unavoidable war. However, an escape route was prepared for the Pandavas who had been warned of the plot.

Apparently, due its relevance with a mythological incidence of Mahabharat this place is a major tourist spot situated near Baraut.

Jain Temples near Baraut

Baraut has a great value for Jainism in its civilization as Digamber Jain Temples and Jain Dharamshala possess a major existence in the centre of township. Indeed, there are 9 Digamber Jain Temple, 1 Shwetambar Jain Temple and many Sthank within and in area nearby Baraut

Some of the Famous Jain temple:

Various atishay kshetra are present near Baraut. Shree 1008 Chandra Prabhu Temple, Barnava is just about 20 km from Baraut and it is situated at Baraut-Meerut road. At Delhi-Saharanpur road, another very popular Jain atishay kshetra exists, its name is Bada Gaon. There is an ancient Temple of lord Parshwanath in Bada Gaon. Bada Gaon Jain Temple is about 40 km from Baraut.

Digamber Jain Temple and Jain dharamshala

In Baraut, Shree 1008 Ajit Nath Jain Temple is situated at the heart of the city. Temple’s height is around 108 feet. It is one of the biggest Jain temples in the town. Some Digamber or Shwetambar Jain monk lives here permanently. So, if visitors wish they can meet with some Jain monk and get spiritual energy. Moreover, a Digamber Jain dharamshala named as Atithi Bhawan, is in the center of this town. If you are planning to visit Temples in Baraut, You can stay in this dharamshala.